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Best Home Loans Deals in Auckland

Mortgage home loans are very simple to avail in New Zealand. Kiwi Mortgages offers best home loan deals in Auckland  to make the mortgage process easy and affordable. Count on us for home loans to buy your dream home!


Kiwi Mortgages is a team of mortgage professionals in Auckland New Zealand. We follow a fresh progressive approach and ethical values of integrity, professionalism and honesty. We are committed to finding the right home loan for you. We understand your concerns while availing the home loan and help eliminate the stress and make the home loan process smooth. We handle the whole home loan process and offer the best deals for home loans in Auckland city. Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing an existing home loan or buying an investment property, we can assist you with our loan options. Our mortgage experts use state-of-the-art technology to assist people to find the right home loan at the lowest interest rate. In most of the cases, we let you know within just 24 hours in subject to your loan approval. In some cases, we also assist you for pre-approval of loan making it easier for buying your property.


Home Loan Types


Table Mortgage: It is a traditional type of home loan where you can split your repayments over the term of 10, 20, 30 years etc paying that amount in repayment for the designated term of the loan considering interest rate conditions.


Fixed Rate: For fixed home loan, interest rate is fixed. You can designate from 1 year to 5 years. Once your fixed term gets ended, you can contact Kiwi Mortgages. We will help you fix your term again.


Interest Only Mortgage: All your loan repayments are interest only for this type of mortgage. There are less repayments in this type of loan than that of table mortgage.


Revolving Credit Mortgage: It is a flexible home loan. It combines your cheque account and savings. You can make your mortgage repayments through this and can also deposit your salary and rental income in this account.


Floating: It is a variable rate and can be flexible to increase or decrease.


Split Facility: Most of the clients in New Zealand have a portion on fixed/variable and some portion on Revolving Credit. Revolving Credit allows you to access your account to deposit and withdraw and the fixed rate ensures your financial security.


Reducing Loan: A reducing loan makes you pay interest to allow you to pay off your home loan.


What We Can Do?


Our mortgage professionals help you get your dream with the Best Deals For Home Loan

  • Refinance your investment property with the right home loan.
  • Provide numerous home loan options with repayment and interest rate options.


How We Do It?


  • Our mortgage experts understand your requirement, budget and other important factors.
  • Recommend right loan options on the basis of up-to-date research in a competitive market.
  • We know the detailed pros and cons of every home loan product offered by major lending institutions for clients.
  • We work with major lending institutions.
  • Manage the mortgage process for you with loan approval at fair interest rates.
  • Handle the documentation with banks.
  • Regular communication with you to keep you updated with our home loan process.


Why Kiwi Mortgages at Auckland?


Regular Communication: Our home loan professionals are ready to talk or come to you to eliminate the stress involved in availing home loan. At Kiwi Mortgages, we offer the best deals for home loans in Auckland


Ally For First Home Buyers: At Kiwi Mortgages, you might not always need some deposit to get your first home. Our mortgage experts will guide you about availing the right home loan being first home buyer.


Count on Kiwi Mortgages For Best Deals For Home Loans as:


We assist more than just your home loan. When avail the services of Kiwi Mortgages, you get:

  • Professional online relationship manager to help
  • Award-winning mobile apps
  • Low-cost credit cards around
  • Complex Deals made easy
  • Solve bad credit problems or other issues
  • No additional cost is involved in our home loan process
  • Simple and easy-to-follow home loan strategy
  • Numerous insurance options for your home


Our home loan advisers have access to numerous banks and non-bank lenders and can therefore offer the best home loan that suits your specific situation. We have sound knowledge and access to several options to assist with the best deals for home loans. Looking for availing the right home loan? We’ll help you to structure your home loan offering the combination of reliability and flexibility that works well for you.