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Lowest Home Loan Interest Rates in Auckland


Whether you’re looking for your next big property as an investor or seeking lowest home loan interest rates in Auckland  as a homeowner, welcome to Kiwi Mortgages. We offer quality home loans to New Zealanders at lowest interest rates. We help people to achieve financial independence they are looking for. We help our clients in simplifying their finances by reducing interest costs and making money management simple and hassle-free. Our team of mortgage advisers has a reputation of providing comprehensive home loan serve. Interest rates of all mortgage companies vary. Our interest rates are low for our existing as well as new clients to help them making their dream come true for a new home. We understand our clients’ requirements and offer the right loan options according to their requirements.


Gone are the days when you visit the local branch manager of your existing bank to avail a home loan. Nowadays, the choice is yours and that’s where Kiwi Mortgages helps you find a great value home loan to meet your needs. You can get your home loan with a reputed mortgage company or big bank. But before you finalize a mortgage provider, you need to figure out the best deal on mortgage for you. It is advisable to compare interest rates of different loans and choose the one that matches your needs and financial condition. At Kiwi Mortgages, we know what’s best for you. So, let us assist you with our home loan options to meet your needs. The choice is yours! We’ll customize loan options according to your requirements to make you satisfied and stress-free. Our mortgage advisers will guide you about the loan options to make you confident about the loan option you are seeking with us. We understand your needs and market conditions and offer the exceptional customer service with our lowest interest rate for home loans in Auckland New Zealand.


We are committed to providing premium support with the help of our dedicated mortgage advisers. Kiwi Mortgages offers exceptional service while you maintain the client relationships. Our mortgage lenders understand the challenges you face and strive hard to close the right mortgage loan. Our mortgage professionals are expertise in unique mortgage experience from start to finish.

Types of Home Loans We Offer at Auckland

Variable Rate Home Loans: Variable Rate Home Loans interest rate increases and decreases with market interest rates.

Fixed Rate Home Loans: Fixed Rate Home Loans interest rates are fixed and your repayments will also remain same.

Line of credit: This type of loan is ideal for people who are expecting to need funds for investment or renovation.

Jumbo Loan: This loan is ideal for people looking to have more than $400,000 for a dream home.

Physician loan: This loan is designed for residents, fellows and physicians.

FHA Loan: This loan is a perfect choice for those who want to refinance or buy a home with low down payment.


Why Kiwi Mortgages For Home Loans in Auckland City?


  • Committed to offering the highest quality and professional service.
  • Work hard to assist you with the best lending package possible.
  • Low Interest rate for home loans.
  • We find the right mortgage for you.
  • No pressure or sales talk.
  • We get loan approved in a limited time.
  • We have a team of over 20 mortgage lenders to choose from.
  • Our mortgage advisers are highly qualified in the industry.
  • We complete all your paperwork and make the home loan process easier and faster.
  • Prompt responses from our mortgage lenders
  • Interest is calculated regularly on the total household debt. In many cases, saving accounts earn a lower interest rate than the rate households pay for debt and salaries go in transactional account.
  • We give one-on-one advice and support to our existing as well as new clients during the process of setting up the home loan to meet their financial requirements.
  • A simple and easy-to-use mortgage tools help clients manage their regular finances and track their activities towards their goals.
  • Our Lowest Interest Rates for home loans provide a safety net to homeowners to save their finances and their families.


Our goal is to be the #1 mortgage company in the Auckland New Zealand and it starts obviously with customer service. We offer the Lowest Interest Rates for home loans in Auckland. We also help clients having bad credit history. Our mortgage advisers offer loan programs that help people with low credit scores, self-employed and first-time home buyers. Contact us to apply for a home loan today.