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Looking for 1st home or investment property or Lowest Mortgage Rate in New Zealand but not sure how much you can borrow? Want to build your dream home? Get a Pre Approval today and negotiate / buy with confidence.


But why consultant Kiwi Mortgages Broker at Auckland?

If you had a TV to buy for home, who would you go to? A store which sold only one brand or the one that had various other options in TVs to choose from? No prizes for guessing that.


Whilst we do not advocate not being loyal to your bank, it pays to consider other options for better deal, especially when it comes to the biggest investment in life.


This is where we can assist you – As a mortgage advisor as well as broker in Auckland New Zealand we believe that we can aid you in a better way as we deal with most major banks and other lenders, we provide you with options so you are able to compare and have the flexibility of choosing what’s best for you.


We as a mortgage broker in Auckland are in constant touch with the lenders which keeps us update with our knowledge of their products or special offers. We have the technology to be able to liaise with many lenders at the same time and get the best deals for you.


Whether it is for buying your first home or investment property or building on the land you own or re-financing or even a top-up, we are here to assist you. Once you decide to take out a home loan, just call us and we will assist you. We also work as Insurance Advisor in Auckland and further on aids you well with the insurance ideas and aspects, mainly helping you conserve your valuable assets.


The process
Preliminary assessment by us:


We gather the information from you with a view to have better understanding of your financial situation & your needs and also to assess the extent to which you can borrow – please note this is a preliminary assessment by us and remains subject to Lender’s approval. As part of our initial assessment, we undertake comparison analysis to ascertain which lender’s offer is best suited to your needs, subject of course to your overriding preference. We help you find Lowest Mortgage Rate in Auckland, as we understand the market more than you. We go through the market’s daily on goings and assist you handle every of the affair with care.



We then collect all the supporting documents from you which mainly consist of proof of your income & deposit, proof of your identification and submit the application to the lender for approval.



The Bank will then assess your application to either approve or decline the application. In some cases, they will approve subject to certain conditions but throughout this process, we continue to liaise with the Bank and keep you informed.