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Insurance Broker in Auckland

Insurance Advisor

It’s impossible to predict when you’ll need Life, medical, or income protection insurance.

If things go wrong, an insurer will be a big support.

As a dependable Insurance Broker in Auckland, we arrange affordable insurance cover by working with a range of reliable providers. Whether you’re looking for individual or commercial cover, we can help.

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What are the Available Insurance Services?

The leading insurance providers Kiwi Mortgages works alongside covers most of your requirements:

We compare insurance policies from a wide range of providers, making sure that the insurance cover needed is within your budget, meets your expectations, and that you’re in good hands.

What are the Available Insurance Policies?

The main insurance policies we can help with include:

  • Life insurance
  • Trauma insurance
  • TPD insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Income protection insurance
  • Mortgage protection insurance / Redundancy
  • Premium insurance
  • Business / Commercial Insurance

Depending on your current circumstance and the type of insurance coverage you’ll need, our experienced advisors will match you with the correct policies.

We’ll help you understand the fine print, so you’ll know what exclusions apply and exactly how to settle your claim.

How Can Kiwi Mortgages Help Me?

Our Kiwi Mortgages Insurance Brokers in Auckland aren’t tied to any Insurance Providers. We put the needs of local kiwis first, so you can feel confident that you’re covered.

Understanding exactly how your policy works can be confusing. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced team on your side.

We are experienced Health Insurance Brokers, Business Insurance Brokers, and many more about the latest policies. Rest assured our advisors will keep you up to date with the current market.

How Can I Find My Next Insurance Policy?

Getting started with Kiwi Mortgages is easy. After a brief phone call, we’ll take you through our working process.

Our team will:

  • Note the expected cover & budget
  • Compare market wide policies to ensure the best deal
  • Recommend suitable policies & pros/cons
  • Ensure the lowest price through comprehensive comparisons
  • If you’re ready to find the best insurance deals in Auckland, give us a call on 0508 33 22 11.

Our team is always happy to have a confidential chat, so give us a call now to learn how Kiwi Mortgages can help you.

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Why should I consider insurance?

All of us face the risk of getting sick or injured and unable to work leading to income loss, or worse, the risk of death. For a small premium, you can transfer the financial implications of these risks to an insurance company and can protect the lifestyle that you and your family have gotten used to, during such bad times.

How much insurance should I have?

Ideally, we aim to protect you and your family adequately, but it all depends on your individual situation and your budget – talk to us now.

What happens if I am paying monthly and I miss a payment?

If you occasionally miss a payment, you are generally allowed to catch up in subsequent months. Should however, you require a premium payment holiday for an extended period of time due to hardship or for any other reason, talk to us for prior arrangements where possible.

How is my sum insured set?

The insurance companies in modern times have designed various covers to choose from to address the risks of sudden injury or serious illness or worse, the death. These covers, such as Life cover, Medical cover, Disability triggered income loss cover etc are all developed in such a way that an insurance adviser can tailor these covers for you to choose the more pressing ones according to your own budget.

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