There are investment opportunities available in Auckland and around New Zealand right. Those investments include property. Whatever the investment, you need finance so you can take advantage of the opportunity and realise a return. That’s where we can help.

At KiwiMortgages, we specialise in property loans and mortgages as well as investment loans. This includes investing in existing property, investing in land for development, or to fund construction of a development. Our team has extensive experience and will find the right loan or mortgage for your needs.

Property and

Our Services

Providing impartial property and investment loan advice.

Searching multiple lenders to find you the best deals.

Comparing the lenders to save you money and ensure you get the most favourable terms.

Giving you an expert recommendation on the best option.

Negotiating the best terms with the lender on your behalf.

Completing the paperwork involved in the loan application.

Liaising with the lender until a decision is made.

How It Works

Start by arranging an initial consultation and to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Meet our expert property loan brokers to discuss your needs and your investment plans.

We’ll give you advice on the options available, including steps you should take to increase your chances of being approved.

Based on your circumstances and requirements, we will search deals and offers from a range of different lenders to find options that match your needs.

We will compare the deals to find the best terms and lowest prices. We will then make this recommendation to you.

Once you decide, we will submit your application and will liaise with the lender.

Why Choose Us?

You should be taking advantage of the property and investment opportunities currently available. Here are the reasons you should choose us.

Knowledge of the investment and property markets

We understand the needs and expectations of investors

Award-winning customer service

We search multiple lenders

We’ll find an option that maximises your potential ROI

We make financing recommendations based on your investment goals

Multiple insurance types are available

We’ll honestly explain each policy’s pros and cons

You’ll get the lowest price and best terms

Complex Deals made easy

You’ll get expert advice throughout the process

Save money overall as you will get the best possible deal

The customer service we offer is unrivalled in the industry