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    At Kiwi Mortgages we are here to help you whether it’s a first home loan, mortgage refinance, investment property loan, home loan rates, business or equity loan, lowest interest rate or you just want to consult with the mortgage broker. At Kiwi Mortgages, we can make the process of getting your financial services easy, stress free and at the best terms possible.

    At Kiwi Mortgages, we do the hard work for you – from completing the paperwork to dealing with the banks and financial companies. With our mortgage advisor team, we work with all the banks and mortgage lenders so can help you secure the best mortgage rates no matter who you choose to bank with.

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    What our clients say

    All are friendly staff and great people. I would recommend for any people to go through them instead of direct deal with the banks. They have explained the procedure and system top to bottom. We will continue next time after fixed term completed. Keep up your good work team.

    Kokulan Kanthasamy

    If there’s a six star for overall rating, I will by all means put it for Kiwi Mortgage Brokers Ltd! Such an amazing company to handle your mortgage application. My loan application as a first home buyer was made smoothly with the guidance, prompt responses, professional approach in dealing with all correspondences by Era and her team. I am hugely impressed the very first time I inquired via their website, a minute after, I got a call from Addy and straight after Era discussed my options, then within a short time I got my pre approval from the bank. I am so thankful to Era in going extra mile and calling after hours to check and follow up. Such an outstanding customer service which is a rare find. I highly recommend the company, especially for first home buyers! Thank you very much Era and your team.

    Jemma San Jose

    I am very happy with Kiwi Mortgages services especially Mr. Jatinder Singh. I never thought loan approval is that easy. Highly recommended.

    Dilraj Singh

    We had a great experience with Kiwi Mortages. As first home buyers we knew very little about the process of purchasing a home. The team at Kiwi Mortgages were professional and supportive through the whole process, always available to answer any and all questions we had. The guidance provided was super helpful! We are very very thankful for the work of the team at Kiwi Mortgages!

    Tiana Hill

    If you’re looking for an organised, committed, professional broker with great communication look no further! Amazing!!!

    Katie Pennicott

    Rakesh and the team did a fantastic job to refinance my property. Communication was swift and clear, and they go the extra mile to make sure the document collection process is super easy and effortless. Highly recommended, they will get you a good result.

    Tan Wang

    We have now used Kiwi Mortgages for our second house purchase, and the experience was just as good as the first time (reviewed below). Rakesh and his team are super-efficient and seem to be able to make the impossible happen. We recommend them unreservedly.

    We were extremely happy with Kiwi Mortgages. They were very positive throughout the process, always available for advice and the best help to overcome any obstacles that came up. The service was superb and we got a great result with our home loan. We couldn’t recommend them more highly.

    Andrew Fisher

    The Kiwi Mortgages team helped us through our home journey answering all our queries and providing information right from the start through to purchasing. We are very thankful to the friendly, welcoming team for being a part of our journey and guiding us in making key decisions. Highly recommended service!!

    Mohamed Farooq

    Rakesh Bansal and team has always offered us a very excellent and professional service. Always ready to help and will go extra mile to assist. I will always recommend Rakesh to my friends and family.

    Budget Containers Ltd

    Second time working with Rakesh now, couldn’t ask for more. Excellent advice, great service, awesome result. A big thank you to the Kiwi Mortgages team.

    Lucan Campbell

    Our Services are… FREE ! So, don’t hesitate to contact us for:

    First Home Buyer

    Are you eligible for first home buyers grant? There are several options available for first home loan. These include the KiwiSaver first home grant etc. To discuss book your appointment.

    Home Loan Interest Rates NZ

    Do you have a low deposit on your house mortgage and are looking for the best interest rate NZ? Look no further, call Kiwi Mortgages on Toll Free 0508 33 22 11.

    Refinance Mortgage

    Are you thinking of refinancing your existing home loan? Refinancing or restructuring your mortgage loan at a lower interest rate can save you thousands of dollars. To discuss book your appointment.

    Investment Property Loan

    Buy an Investment Property using equity from your own home. Reach out to our mortgage adviser to discuss your options. Call Kiwi Mortgages on Toll Free 0508 33 22 11.

    With our mortgage advisor team on your side, we can make the process of getting your financial services easy, stress free and at the best terms possible.

    1. Is there any fee for using Kiwi Mortgages services?

    No, our services are free.

    2. What is your best interest rate?

    In most cases, it is seen that people like to fix the interest rate on their loan for certain period like 1,2,3 years or more, so it gives more certainty to their household budget, but in some situations, it may be more advisable to have the loan on floating interest rates or a combination of both. It all depends on your situation, the analysis of which we can help with. In New Zealand, currently the banks are offering the historical lowest ever interest rates, ever seen in this country.

    3. Will my interest rate change?

    The fixed interest rates do not change until the period for which they have been fixed expires and then you again have the ability to re-fix them. The floating rates can change any time.

    4. How much money do I need to buy a home?

    Enough to complete the purchase. Typically, the banks require you to put in some contribution from your side towards the purchase.

    5. How much can I borrow?

    You would require to borrow the purchase price of the house minus the deposit from your side but whether or not the banks will approve your loan depends upon your income. Importantly enough, it also depends a great deal on how the application is presented to the lender, which is where experienced broker such as Kiwi Mortgages can be of immense help.

    1. Is there any Mortgages available for a First Time Home Buyer? (How much can I afford to borrow?)
    The banks in NZ offer home loans at more lenient terms to first home buyers, so far as borrowers’ contribution is concerned. At Kiwi Mortgages, we can advise how much you can borrow with different banks in the initial meeting and can take you to the bank which will likely offer the most lending and most favourable terms.


    2. How much do I need for a deposit?
    Normally, the banks require minimum of 20% deposit, but we can arrange loans at even 5-10% deposit if you are purchasing the house to live in there. A minimum of 30% deposit for an investment property. Normally a deposit of 35% will be required as a minimum for commercial properties but it can vary depending on the particular situation. Talk to us.

    3. Can I access the First Home Owners Grant?
    You can be eligible for the home start grant as per below:
    1- $1,000 for each completed year of kiwi saver membership, subject to a maximum of $5,000, if you are purchasing an old existing home
    2- $2,000 for each completed year of kiwi saver membership, subject to a maximum of $10,000, if you are purchasing a brand-new home
    3- And provided you meet the following conditions:
    a. You have been contributing to kiwi saver for a minimum of three years
    b. You are purchasing the house for living in there and not for renting out
    c. Individual income no more than $85k p.a. and household income no more than $130k
    d. The maximum purchase price should not exceed $600k for old house and $650k for brand new house if purchasing in Auckland. There are limits for other parts of the country – talk to us for more information

    1. How much money can I save by refinancing?
    Depending on each individual situation, our customers have been able to save thousands of dollars by restructuring or refinancing through us.


    2. How much money can I save by consolidating my debts?
    Typically, the loans not secured by your house are at a very high interest rate, sometimes as high as 20% or more. The banks are offering around 3.55% p.a. these days (This rate is at 7th Sep 2019 and interest rates offerings change all the time) and with a non-mortgage debt of say $50k at an average interest rate of say 15% p.a., you could potentially save about $5,000 to $6,000.

    1. What are the minimum qualifying criteria for easy business loans?
    Borrower and Guarantor’s profile, their credit profile, area of expertise, experience and qualification, the capital they propose to introduce etc.


    2. How much can I borrow for the business finance ?
    For small business loan, the main banks normally require at least half the acquisition cost be contributed by the borrower.

    3. What business loan terms are available?
    Up to 10 years and some cases even 15 years, depending on lenders’ assessment.

    Q1- How do I use my equity to purchase an investment property?

    Assuming you have sufficient equity in your existing property or properties, the lender may consider providing you funding for you to purchase the investment property, without any cash contribution from you. However, please note that lender’s assessment would not just be limited to availability of equity but will include full assessment of the application.

    Q2- How will my loan application for investment property be assessed?

    Any lending application depends upon the lender’s lending criteria and remains subject to lender’s assessment of the proposal.

    Accordingly, at a high level, the assessment for an investment property loan, as a minimum would include, reference to your credit file, scrutiny of your bank statements, availability of equity, if any and your servicing ability of the proposed lending.

    Q3- How much equity do I have in my property or properties?

    Equity is calculated on how much your bank will lend you based on your existing property’s current market value and the amount you still owe on your home loan. The banks have a different policy for the maximum lending amount against owner-occupied properties and rental properties.

    We work with most banks, NON-BANK LENDERS in Auckland & around the country.


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