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Bridging Loan Broker in Auckland

Bridging Loan Broker

Kiwi Mortgages are highly experienced bridge loan broker , so we will ensure you get the right loan for your needs. We help people just like you in Auckland and beyond get financing to help them build and/or move up the property ladder.

You need a bridging finance broker to take the hassle out of searching the offers and deals from multiple providers.

You also need a bridging loan brokers to ensure you get the best interest rate and terms. We also take the hassle out of getting a bridge loan by handling all the paperwork and communications with the lender.

Why You Should Consider a Bridging Loan

Bridging loans are ideal for those times in your life when you are transitioning from one property to another. This could be if you are building a new home but want to stay in the home you currently own until the construction work finishes.

A bridging loan can also help if you’ve found a property you want to buy but have not yet sold your current home. Without a bridging loan, you will have to sell your current property first which might result in the home you want to buy slipping through your fingers.

How We Will Help

  • Assessing your circumstances and plans
  • Giving expert advice on your options, chances of success, etc
  • Processing paperwork and dealing with the lender
  • Keeping you informed every step of the way

Please contact us today by calling 0508 33 22 11 to arrange an appointment with a bridging finance broker.