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Low Deposit Home Loan

Choosing your home loan is both a lifestyle and an investment decision.

There’s no questioning that buying a house is important.

However, the long-term cost should be both manageable and affordable for the best results.

At Kiwi Mortgages, we support you to find affordable low deposit home loans that suit your needs. You’ll be working alongside a home loan broker that will help you find low deposit home loans to keep you satisfied with your decision, keep stress low, and your overall happiness count up.

Here’s what Kiwi Mortgages can do for you . . .

Benefits of Our Low Deposit Home Loans

When dealing with a home loan broker in Auckland, you’ll want to explore a range of home loan rates to get the best value. A low deposit home loan could be as little as five percent to ten percent of the purchase value of a house. That’s more than half of the normally expected twenty percent deposit.

In fact, Kiwis that work with home loan brokers usually get a better deal and are able to buy property sooner.

Low deposit home loans are:

  • Ideal for first-time buyers.
  • An opportunity to buy a house sooner rather than later.
  • A great way to get into the market.
  • Your chance to have the peace of mind that comes with owning your own home.

That’s not all.

Our team can also support you with a home equity loan or with negotiating a great home loan interest rate.

Benefits of Working With Our Team

The biggest pitfall that buyers fall into is taking a home equity loan or home loans in Auckland based on their current investment situation. Living circumstances can change, and high-interest home loan rates can become an extremely costly investment over time.

For example, having children and going from a dual to a single income may have an impact.

Our team will give you personalized advice and even negotiate with the lender —so you can feel secure about your choice.

Benefits of Getting a Home Loan Now

While buying a home can be a big step, those that enter a market sooner usually reap the long-term benefits, such as:

  • Paying off the mortgage
  • Making improvements to the home
  • Increase in property value over time

Our team would be happy to discuss the home loan interest rate and low deposit options that are available. We handle the full application process with a lender, making sure you’re getting the best value every step of the way.