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Restructure Mortgage Loans

If you want to look at your restructure mortgage loan options, please get in touch with Kiwi Mortgages today. We will give you the right advice and will help you find the right mortgage product for your needs.

When Should You Consider Restructuring Your Mortgage

There are lots of reasons why a restructure mortgage loan could be a good option for you. This includes if you are on a fixed rate mortgage where the fixed rate term is about to expire, increasing your monthly payment.

Another situation where you should consider restructuring your mortgage is if you are currently on a floating rate mortgage. There may be fixed rate options on the market that can lower your monthly payments and/or give you peace of mind about the rate you pay.

Other reasons for looking at restructure mortgage loans include you want to pay off your mortgage over a shorter or longer period of time, or if your personal circumstances change. Examples that apply to the latter include:

  • You’ve lost your job, so your income has changed
  • Getting a new job can also change your income and personal circumstances
  • You are about to have a baby
  • You are getting married
  • You’ve received an inheritance or another lump sum of money
  • Investments you have made have generated a significant return

What We Do

  • Assess your current circumstance
  • Lok at your assets and income
  • Look at your plans for the future
  • Explore the options available in the market to find the right mortgage product for your needs

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