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Mortgage Refinance companies in Auckland offer deals that change daily.

It’s true.

You may be able to refinance your mortgage loan at a lower interest rate right now.

Also, the service quality and availability of loans vary greatly between mortgage providers. By considering different options when deciding to refinance your home mortgage or refinance a bank loan, you can save money, open the door to more opportunities, and ultimately get a better deal.

Here’s why you should consider refinancing.

Why Should I Refinance My Loan?

Refinancing your home loan is a simple step towards saving more money. Lower interest rates could mean a lower monthly loan repayment for you.

That’s not all.

If you refinance a home loan, you will potentially lower your interest rate from its current value to the best available deal on the market. You could also change the number of years on your mortgage and become debt-free sooner.

Sounds good?

Once you’ve bought into a loan, your existing Lender may not shift the initial rate even if a better deal is available. By choosing to refinance your house loan with Kiwi Mortgages, you have a higher chance of keeping more cash in your pocket.

We work with a broad selection of respected lenders who might have the right deal for you.

How Can Kiwi Mortgages Help Me?

Our service starts with a quick phone call and an overview of your options.

We help Kiwis:

  • Refinance mortgage & bank loans
  • Reduce their monthly payments
  • Find the best deals on the market

After a short discussion about the best way to refinance your home mortgage, our team will review your current rate and loan-terms and find you a loan with more upside potential.

Our team offers:

  • Experienced advisors
  • A variety of loan options
  • Great customer service
  • Affordable pricing

How do I Get Started?

As one of the long-standing Mortgage Refinance companies in Auckland, we aim to deliver a transparent experience where you’ll have a variety of loan options to choose.

If you’re interested in saving more money and lowering your monthly payments, book an appointment with us today by calling 0508 33 22 11.


Depending on each individual situation, our customers have been able to save thousands of dollars by restructuring or refinancing through us.

Typically, the loans not secured by your house are at a very high interest rate, sometimes as high as 20% or more. The banks are offering around 3.55% p.a. these days (This rate is at 7th Sep 2019 and interest rates offerings change all the time) and with a non-mortgage debt of say $50k at an average interest rate of say 15% p.a., you could potentially save about $5,000 to $6,000.