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Borrowing for Property Development in Auckland

Property Development Loans

When you are borrowing for property development, it is important you get the right help and advice.

The right help and advice will ensure you face minimal delays in getting the finance you need, plus you will get a loan that best suits your circumstances.

At Kiwi Mortgages, we specialise in helping people who are borrowing for property development. Our investment property mortgage advisors have experience in this field, plus we have special access to a range of different lenders and property development finance options.

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Reasons You Should Come to Us

  • You want to ensure you get the best loan terms
  • You want to ensure you get the lowest interest rate available
  • You want the best advice on your finance options
  • You want a property development mortgage without the need for pre-sales commitments
  • You don’t meet the loan criteria of your current bank

Projects We Can Help With

Our experience extends to a wide range of property development projects. This includes:

  • Residential land subdivision
  • Rural land subdivision
  • House and townhouse developments
  • Apartments
  • Commercial developments, including the development of retail units

To discuss your options, please book an appointment with one of our investment property loans advisors today. Call 0508 33 22 11 now.

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