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Homeowners often choose to refinance to benefit from low interest rates or to reduce their monthly payments. Homeowners who wish to refinance apply for a new loan to pay off their existing mortgage and replace it with a new lending arrangement. Refinancing can impact your finances in the short and long run. There are several […]

Reserve Bank of NZ to cut Mortgage Interest Rates

Mortgage Interest Rates Cuts Lie Ahead News with Tony Alexander – July 2024 The chances are rising that come November the Reserve Bank will start a series of quick interest rate cuts which will see the likes of the one-year fixed mortgage rate fall from around 7.1% currently to just over 6% about one year […]

NZ Government discontinues the First Home Grant

Kāinga Ora is discontinuing the acceptance of new applications for the First Home Grant. Pre-approved applicants can still use the First Home Grant and pre-approvals are valid for six months from the date of application approval. The Government has declared its decision to remove the First Home Buyer Grant and allocate some of the funds […]

How Does Equity Work When Buying a Second Home?

How Does Equity Work When Buying a Second Home? Purchasing investment property based on equity Kiwis love to invest in properties and using equity in your existing properties portfolio to buy another property for investment is very popular. Now what is equity? How do you calculate your equity? Many people get caught out on this. […]

No Monetary Policy Easing Yet

News with Tony Alexander – February 2024 The chances are very high that at some stage this year the Reserve Bank will capitulate to the evidence of falling inflation and announce monetary policy will be eased a lot sooner than the second half of 2025 which they have pencilled in. Their reluctance to express any […]

Monetary policy outlook better for 2024

News with Tony Alexander – December 2023 Central banks sometimes like to surprise the financial markets in order to keep people on their toes. But that is not what has just happened here in New Zealand. This week the Reserve Bank conducted their regular review of the official cash rate and met universal expectations of […]

Inflation Rate

News with Tony Alexander – November 2023 On the face of it one might think that news three weeks ago of New Zealand’s inflation rate falling to a lower than expected 5.6% from the previous 6% and the peak of 7.3% might cause some sizeable easing of wholesale interest rates. Unfortunately for borrowers this has […]

Refinance Mortgage with Better Interest Rates & Terms

Refinance Mortgage with Better Interest Rates & Terms It is always a good idea to keep reviewing your home loan portfolio to ensure it is still helping you meet your financial objectives and is correctly structured suiting your cash flow and is helping you meet your objectives. Refinancing is one of the tools that people […]

Rising Interest Rates & House Prices

Rising Interest Rates & House Prices     News with Tony Alexander – October 2023 Last month, I wrote about the divergent impacts on interest rate movements in New Zealand coming from China and the United States. The outlook for China’s economy is relatively weak and that means weak demand for New Zealand commodity exports […]

China weakness bears watching

China Weakness Bears Watching   News with Tony Alexander – September 2023 My thoughts about what the optimal interest rate risk strategy is for most home buyers haven’t changed much over the past month even though there are a few fresh items to consider regarding prospects for our growth and inflation. On the good side […]

More Solid Upturn Signs

News with Tony Alexander – August 2023 The list of indicators showing improvement in the residential real estate market around the country on average has continued to grow over the past four weeks since my previous column. From the REINZ we have data in hand showing that after adjusting for seasonal factors sales rose almost […]

Low Deposit? – Kainga Ora First Home Loan Scheme

Low Deposit? – Kainga Ora First Home Loan Scheme Anyone who is eligible as per the eligibility criteria can apply but it clearly helps younger people who just started their career, have good income but not enough deposit yet. Kainga Ora First Home Loan Scheme helps people with the first stumbling block – not having […]

When will Interest Rates come down?

When will Interest Rates drop?   Customers often ask me, these days more so than ever before – will the interest rates fall any time soon? I tell them your crystal ball is as good as mine. No one can predict the interest rate movement with any degree of certainty. It is currently believed in […]

Housing Market Turning Upward

News with Tony Alexander – July 2023 In the middle of the column I wrote here last month I mentioned that FOMO had yet to pick up. The data and my surveys suggested that although the housing market was bottoming out people did not display any evidence of a sense of urgency. Now, one month […]

What does a Mortgage Broker do?

Buying their first home may be the biggest investment most Kiwis will ever make, and applying for a Home Loan may be quite challenging.

Easy Business Loan FAQs

The assessment of a business loan can be way more complex than a simple home loan. Best is to speak to an experienced mortgage adviser.