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What does a Mortgage Broker do?


Buying their first home may be the biggest investment most Kiwis will ever make, and applying for a Home Loan may be quite challenging. Selecting the best lender can be really confusing as there are some big Banks, Financial Institutions and handful lenders with variations on interest rate, loan terms and features. This is where a mortgage broker comes in.

Using a Mortgage Broker:

A mortgage broker is an adviser who works on your behalf to find mortgage lenders with competitive interest rates, negotiating loan terms and manages the process of applying for loans that best fit your needs.

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Mortgage Brokers are qualified financial advisers; they know the market, have full knowledge of the current offerings from different lenders, because they deal with the different lenders every day.

When to see a Mortgage Broker:

  • Buying First Home
  • Purchasing an investment property, whether residential or commercial
  • Refinance for  better terms or consolidate your debts
  • Review your loan structure to optimize interest cost savings
  • Better interest rate with your current lender, or a different lender

How to find a Mortgage Broker

Ask your family and friends, but make sure they have actually used the broker. Do your online research. Ask your real agent, that they had worked with and trust. Ask for recommendations on social media. Short list some on the basis of- their online reviews, who offers competitive rates, the recommendation you find, great service and complete support from start to end.

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 A good mortgage broker is who:

  • Provides you advice with their recommendations on a lending solution best suited to YOUR needs
  • Assists you with the end-to-end process right from initial application through to the settlement of loan
  • Gets you the best offers from lenders with best terms
  • Provides advice on best loan structure to boost savings
  • Provides affordable personal risk protection solutions
  • Provides advice and support after settlement with periodical reviews
  • Has transparent processes in place
  • Is easily accessible
  • Has good online presence and reviews

At Kiwi Mortgages, we pride ourselves in helping Kiwis for many years with their first homes loans, creating investment portfolio; buying businesses; providing solution to their personal risk requirements and their asset protection.